{sunday school moments}

{originally posted June 8, 2009}

(my 2 year old sunday school students)

* Andrew dressing up in high heels, and wearing them for 10 minutes, then taking them off. i thought he was done, but instead he was coming over to me to get a new pair to change into

* Little doll people lined up on the floor, each with a big wooden cylinders in front of them about 5 times bigger than they are.

me: “what are they doing; the log roll?”

Avery: “no, they’re eating hot dogs”

* Jackson chasing around Jaqueline with a crown trying to get her to wear it. “it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful” he says.

* A row of chairs filled with 2 year olds pretending to be on a train. us teachers all sat on the floor and shook the chairs to make it more realistic. we didn’t have enough hands for all the chairs to shake simultaneously, and one kid was concerned: “my chair isn’t working” he said.

* During singing time, singing about animals. we ask for suggestions on animals to be, and one girl suggests a ladybug. “what sound does a ladybug make?” the singing teacher asks. silence. all the kids look very, very puzzled.

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