{a new perspective}

20 days ago, in search of a more positive spin on life, i decided to start a list of things i’m thankful for. 1 thing each day. surprisingly, i’ve been really good about it considering i usually quit projects before they’ve even started! anyways, here’s the first 20 things. i must admit, no matter how bad of a day i’ve had, it’s always a good ending to the day when i can add something to the list. here goes. i’m thankful for:
1. sunshine
2. the fact that for every uphill, there is a downhill 
3. movies, pj’s, and comfy couches
4. sushi. mmm.
5. my mom, and the random e-mails she sends me
6. creativity in any form. 
7. vintage dress-up clothes, and how fun they are to try on
8. hot showers at the end of a long day
9. unexpected surprises that turn out better than imagined
10. knowing so many amazing people, and having them be a part of my life
11. good wine and good conversation
12. possibilities, and long walks at dusk
13. my bed, and how i can curl up in it and shut out the world for a moment or two
14. musicals, and how they can uplift your spirits with a few catchy songs
15. genuine hugs from people who truly care
16. laughter
17. motivation
18. ideas that turn into a reality
19. friends
20. dancing

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