happy birthday claire!

today is my friend claire's birthday. she is super fabulous, and i don't know what i would do without her. here's some of the reasons why:

*she'll walk around greenlake with me whenever i want, just chatting away, rain or shine
*she LOVES movies, and has an amazing collection. plus, she likes the weird movies that i thought only i had seen (ex: adventures in babysitting or return to oz)
*she works harder than almost anyone i know, and no doubt can (and will) accomplish anything she sets her mind to
*she's an amazing travel companion, and will go anywhere. vegas was especially fantastic...
*she's super sweet and thoughtful, and will always be there to support any of her friends
*she hates board games (and yes, i do love that about her)
*she has an un-dying love for faith, the 2-legged dog. she would adopt him if she could
*she wants to be in the FBI, and that's super cool

that's just a short list. long story short, claire is awesome. cheers.

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