top videos of 2009.

so...seeing as how wordpress charges a fee to post videos, i've been forced to change to blogspot. not really a big deal, but i think it's neccessary, since i've realized i have a ton of videos on my computer just sitting there waiting to be shared with the world. here's my start...as a tribute to 2009, here are my favorite videos of the year that i've taken. enjoy...


driving through the streets of india, as the sun is setting.

our visit to a school in india on their annual awards day. this is a peek at one of the performances.


the fountains at the bellagio in vegas. to claire and my trip anthem, 'viva, las vegas'.


our wallace falls bee extravaganza.

kiwis. i don't think i've seen gina happier than when these kiwis were rolling along the dashboard.


seattle marathon. standing with our backs to a cement post, jyl's parents and i watched the runners go by. look for my roommates towards the end...


my birthday video. clap your hands for 25.

running through the snow like little kids. so carefree.

trekking to the store with mom and tim.

grandpa learning the 'stanky leg' dance from tori. i love my family...

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