two years ago today.

betty jane peterson
3.11.1923 - 1.25.2008

two years ago today i lost my grandma betty. today i remember her, and the woman that she was. a sweetheart every single day of her life, she was someone that i always strived to be like. strong in her faith, hospitable, humble, caring, and conscious of her life and how she lived it. she was full of love, and shared it with everyone she came in contact with. her marriage with my grandpa was the kind that everyone strives for; one where both souls loved each other for who they were, not who they should be, and who looked for fun and enjoyment in every moment with each other. at the core of her life was her faith, so strong, and it is what kept her going even when she was weak. she always told me to put my trust in God, because if i didn't have that, then nothing else would matter. that he would always be there to watch over me and get me through the difficult times. she lived a full and happy life, and although i miss her so much, my heart is at peace knowing she is in a better place, and that someday i will get to see her amazing smile again.

thank you grandma for everything you taught me. i love you.

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  1. I liked your Grandma Betty. So glad she is in heaven feeling no pain and getting to hang out with God :) I feel your sense of loss with my grandpa's 1 year since passing away coming up soon too. Love you Jennie!