how did we get here?

it's been a bit since i've posted, mostly because my blog-posting time has been put towards our new project, 'the one hundred list', that i mentioned a few days ago. i'm really excited about this venture, and i can't wait to see what this year has in store for the 4 of us (well 5 including sondra who has also embarked on this journey with us).

anyways, a wierd thing has been happening lately. i've been in a few situations in the past week or so that have made me feel...gulp...like a grown up. i don't know how this happened. i do realize it's been a gradual progression, but it's just, well...weird. yesterday jyl, mykell, and i had our weekly roommate dinner, and all i could think about the whole time was how different we all are now than we were a few years ago, sitting in the cafeteria at school.

jyl said today on her blog that she still feels like that person at times, and so do i occasionally. but overall, things are different now, and i think i like it. yeah, it's really hard sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) to have a job, balance friends in limited free time, and still try to make somewhat of a difference in the world, but it's more real now. life is real. the relationships that we have are more real. it's something i have been thinking a lot about lately, and am really thankful for.

just a thought for the day.

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