OHL #46 : Go to a Cirque du Soleil Show

So...knowing that i was going to be in vegas this weekend, i thought there was a tiny possibility that i could accomplish this task, but thought i probably wouldn't because the shows are usually so expensive. well, fate was on my side, and my mom found an amazing deal and snatched the tickets right up. she told me on the phone right when we landed, and i was elated.

well how was it you're wondering? it was absolutely fantastic. i can't really even explain it in a way that would do it justice. the whole time my mouth hung open in awe of everything they were doing. especially the guys that go on those 2 ended hamster-wheel type contraptions (do you have any idea what i'm talking about?). anyways, during that part i don't think i breathed for 5 minutes. whew. it was like the circus only a million times better. the lighting, the acts, the costumes, the story line...all amazing.

it was worth every minute of it, and i say if you haven't gone, go. it's totally worth the money. you won't regret it. highlight of the day (maybe year...we'll see.).

here's proof...

and here's claire and i with the ticket takers. cool outfits, huh?

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