ohl #12 : teach someone to sew

i did it! i taught not only one, but two people to sew last weekend. it was actually pretty funny because within the last few weeks i've had four friends who have told me they wanted me to teach them how to sew. only two could come last weekend, but it went really well. they had never sewn before, so we started with the basics: winding the bobbin, loading the bobbin, threading the machine, backstitching, turning corners, and using the guides to sew straight lines. we had a table of 3 machines set up, and it was really fun to watch both of them get excited about what they were doing, even if it was just sewing straight lines for the most part.

right before they left, i had them do a test. i drew a curved line on a piece of fabric, and told them to sew over the marker to see how well they could stay on track. although there were a few slip-ups, both looked really good overall. oh, and i also showed them how to do gathers, just for fun since they are so easy!

i can't wait to have more lessons, and i think we are going to definitely do it again and try out some patterns next time! i realized after the fact that i didn't take any pictures, but i found this cute picture online (no, it's not my house, although i wish it was) and thought it would give you the crafty feeling of the day. when they move to actually making something, i will post some pictures, so be on the look-out!

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