ohl #45: learn the michael jackson thriller dance

so...everyone that knows me knows that i am a big fan of michael jackson. it dates all the way back to 1991 when his 'heal the world' song was on the radio. i loved it so much that i recorded it onto a tape and played it over and over on repeat, singing along to what i thought was one of the most beautiful songs ever written. especially the part with the children - who wouldn't love it? well...fast forward 19 years and not much has changed. i still love michael enough that i dedicated a whole item on my list to him. i was hesitant to put it on here since i knew that i would have to document it to the world, but i didn't let that stop me. besides...i have enough stupid videos of myself, what's one more?

before you see the final result, you should probably watch the original, and the 'never-to-be-matched-by-any-other-human-ever-to-come' version...

now for the public humiliation...our rendition. (special thanks to mykell and sondra who joined me on this...although sondra had it on her list too so she deserves it...)

well...there you have it. it wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought it would be, and i do realize that there is much work to be done before i could make michael proud. but it's a start, and i think it's a good enough performance to check this one off the list. agree?

oh, and if i inspired you enough to learn this dance yourself, you should learn from the guy in this video. he taught us, and i give him 2 thumbs up. he was very easy to follow, inspirational, and passionate. just what i want in a teacher. oh yeah, and his pants are pretty rad too. check it out...

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