sondra in seattle.

as i posted before, last weekend one of my best friends sondra came to seattle to visit me. we thought it was going to be a nice, slow-paced weekend, but ended up doing much more than we had anticipated, which was so much fun. here's what we did:


walked around greenlake & stopped for a tea break at starbucks along the way
had lunch at nordstrom cafe
spent the whole afternoon shopping downtown
went to wild ginger with mom, jyl, mykell, and jenna


walked to p.c.c. to get breakfast, which we ate on the front porch
photo quest at the outdoor sculpture park for pictures for a gift for leah

lunch at red robin on the water with mom
kayaking on lake union

snoqualmie falls with sondra's aunt and uncle & appetizers in the lounge

delicious dinner at their home


breakfast with mom at the 5 spot
pedicures with jyl and mykell

top of the space needle

quick stop at pike place for birthday macaroons from le panier

nap time
umi sushi happy hour for dinner

molly moons for ice cream


kaosami thai food for lunch
chocolopolis to visit stacey
grocery store
home cooked by sondra dinner with jenna and mykell

learned the thriller dance (check it out here)

can't wait for next time!

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  1. ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sooner than later. This is so great!!!! By the way my dad said if we wanted to have him take us all boating while they're here we could do that... get the full experience. Just a thought. Oh Jennie, I miss you.