here's to you, mom.

today is mother's day, so as a tribute to my mom, here's a list of my favorite things about momma barb...

she is very generous with her time and energy, always there for the people in her life

she loves to dream, and is always in plan-mode for future adventures

she is very intelligent and driven

she is the best shopping partner a girl could ask for

she has a rock solid faith, and it's at the core of everything she is, and everything she does

she takes care of me, even from half a country away

she often falls asleep while watching movies, and when i tell her she fell asleep she tries to deny it

she is honest

she understands what i'm thinking or feeling without me having to say a word

she loves going out to eat, and gets really passionate about some places (i.e. - wild ginger)

she's known me longer than anyone else in my life

she is one of the hardest working people that i know, and rarely complains about it

she loves life

she is so neat and organized, making home feel like a little retreat from the world

she stays strong and moves forward through life's challenges

she is supportive of my dreams, and will stand behind me and back me up

she sends me little e-mails in the mornings to tell me she's thinking and praying about me

she makes the world's best french toast, caesar salads, and homemade popcorn

she is always awake before me

she is always there for me, no matter what the circumstance

happy mothers day mom. thanks for being you. i love you.