put down that map and get wonderfully lost.

i'm sure by now most of you know that june 11th i will be done at my job. it was by choice. after 3 years i am ready to do something different. i don't have another job lined up, and i really don't have a clear picture as to what it is i want to be doing.

as i'm thinking about the next phase, i am excited to have time to explore what it is i enjoy; to think, dream, explore, create, and just let life lead me where i'm meant to go. on the other side of my brain is the constant planner, which is tempting me to make a concrete plan, and figure it out, and make a choice. that side of my brain feels lost without the map, the guide to where i'm going. it's a constant battle between both sides of my brain, and what it comes down to is that i need to get lost for awhile. want to get lost. to wander.

i don't know what is next for me, and to be honest, that is very scary to me. but i do know that, in life, i have always ended up where i am supposed to be, and i am always amazed by the constant surprises and blessings that come into my life when i least expect them. i know that something really amazing is on the horizon, and i am going to enjoy every step on the way to that place. throw the map out the window and just go. i'm ready.


  1. YES!!!! Everything always turns out :) I'm excited to see where life takes you... and if out of state, MYSELF AS WELL!

  2. this post made me smile :) i'm also excited for whatever you may do or wherever you may go on your new adventure. i know it will be grand!