ohl : 2 more states checked off the list

Goal #1 on my list is to visit all 50 states. Well, on my recent roadtrip with Gina from Seattle to Minnesota I was able to check two more states off the list. Instead of going through North Dakota as usual, we decided to switch things up and head through South Dakota instead, which also meant we would need to go through Wyoming as well. This was a very good choice, and I was so excited to see some new things. In Wyoming, since we were on a mission to get to Mount Rushmore by sunset, we didn't really have time to stop anywhere. But it was a nice, although windy, drive through the state. Here are my two favorite pics from there:

And South Dakota? Well let me just tell you, that is one underrated gem of a state. It was fabulous! So many great things to see! We didn't have time to stop everywhere, but we did see three spectacular sights:

Mount Rushmore. Enough said.

Wall Drug. The best drugstore west of the Mississippi. I think I could live there. Seriously. They have free ice water, 5 cent coffee, western wear, large figurines in the backyard, delicious donuts, and all the South Dakota memorabilia you would ever want or need. The billboards didn't lie, that place was awesome.

The Corn Palace. Located in Mitchell, the corn palace is quite a treat to see. Basically it's a building covered in corn, making pictures and designs. Every year they tear it off and start over, so the design will never be the same again. Pretty cool place to see if you have time, but definitely not as exciting as the first two stops.

Well, that's that. I have 27 to go, and in less than a week I will be off on the next roadtrip and will be able to check Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Vermont off the list. Whew - east coast here I come!

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