the past few weeks.

so i've been a slacker on the blogger end for the past couple of weeks. what have i been up to? let me show you...

tea and donuts at mighty-o with claire.

pizza party to celebrate erin coming to visit.

picnic in the park with caleb and gina. yummy gyros.

met up with jenny and nathan. got to play with carter their puppy.

my last day teaching sunday school for the year. one girl put these on my hands and told me it was all of my best friends.

photo challenge at seward park with gina. every 10 steps you take a photo. this is one of them.

meatballs for lunch at ikea. only one of these trays was mine.

family fun center. gina and i on the sling shot.

these glasses are what we redeemed our tickets for.


  1. This looks like fun!!!! Wish they had random fun stuff like that here :)

  2. you do the funnest and most creative things with your friends!