Ashley Meaders.

lately i've been on a search for inspiration. i'm eager and ready to create something. anything. the only problem is i don't know where to begin. i know that where i begin is not anywhere near as important as simply beginning, and that i just need to start. so, that's what i'm going to do. i'm toting all my crafting supplies back to WA with me and i'm going to get started.

as i start to share with you things that i create, i also want to share with you things that others create. i have started compiling a list (on the right side of my blog) of people and companies that inspire me. so, starting today i'm going to tell you about each company, and why they are so fabulous. so get excited... inspiration here we come!

starting at the top is ashley meaders. her website sports the slogan 'i make stuff', and that is what she does. makes stuff that is used for events. her creations have been featured on design*sponge, as well as once wed, and they are absolutely awesome. i think what i love most is that they are unique, and suit each event's personality. you can't help but smile. here's a few of my favorite creations:

"bells" cake topper

flower decoration

valentine's day banner

fabric canopy

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