ohl : 3 more states checked off the list

so... in case you haven't realized from the last two posts, i recently went on a roadtrip to Vermont. on that trip i went to 3 new states. they were:

ohio - a great state. reminded me of minnesota with the endless farms and fields. it's hard to say much about a state when you've
only seen the sights from the freeway, but I-90 was great, and we hit up Toledo for dinner on both ways of the trip. Cracker Barrel on the way there, the Flying J on the way back (it was the only thing open at 10:30pm).

pennsylvania - a little more exciting than ohio, although we were only in the state for less than a couple hours since we just drove through the northwest top. i wish i could have seen more, but i have a feeling that i will be back to that state sometime in my life.

vermont - our final destination. a fabulous state. we stayed in middlebury, a quaint little town which we loved. what did we do? ben & jerry's tour, shopped, ate alot, went wine tasting, relaxed at the lake, went on a shoreline cruise of lake champlain, went to a brewery, swam in a swimming hole, went to the farmer's market, and shopped the community yardsale. it was the perfect trip, and we got to spend a lot of time with family which was great too. here's a few of my favorite pictures:

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