what type are you?

i found an awesome website today. you answer four questions, and then you find out what your type/font is. if you're obsessed with text like me, you will probably love this. plus, the video is pretty entertaining too. click here to take the test, then leave a note with what you are because, well, i'm curious, that's why. have fun!

p.s. - i'm 'dot matrix' (shown above)


  1. I just took the test... and you are correct... the video is quite entertaining. But I know you are just waiting for me to say what type I am... so here you go... perpetua titling light. I was thinking it would be fun to write my comment in this font... but sadly... it is not an option (not an option in word either). Have a wonderful rest of your day... and thanks for providing a nice distraction from work... it's Friday :)

  2. Drumroll please......... My font type is....... "Plastica"
    I always love a good personality test :) fascinating! Thanks Jennie! Miss you!