soulemama blog.

I first found out about the Soulemama Blog from my cousin-in-law Monte. I remember clicking the link to the blog, and being instantly amazed by everything that was there. Amanda Soule is the woman behind the blog; She is a mom of four, a lover of nature + crafts, and has a desire for a simple kind of living that is rare in today's world. The blog is a showcase of her creations, her family's everyday happenings, her great photography, and also a place for inspiration on how to live handmade.

Oh, and another thing to get excited about :: Amanda has also written two books, both of which look awesome - "The Creative Family" and "Handmade Home", both available for purchase here.

Check out her blog for more information!

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  1. thanks for sharing the soulemama blog, it's great, i'm excited to check it out more. and i love the dress her daughter is wearing in that top pic, so cute!