... and that's the truth. Lately I feel as though my brain has been spinning in circles trying to figure out life, especially the part regarding what I want to do career-wise. There are so many possibilities out there, and I am interested in so many things which makes it hard to narrow it down to just one, or even two or three, things. I have been spending a lot of time online lately, inspired by so many creative professionals that are out there. So many amazing things are being created each and every day, and as much as it inspires me, it is also very overwhelming to me. How do you even begin to find your place in the creative world when it seems like everything is already being done, and done really well for that matter? How do you find that something that you love enough to have it consume a huge portion of your life? How do you pay the bills? How do you balance having creative projects for work as well as creative projects for fun, without being exhausted by creating? What is the point? How do you not only do something you love, but make a difference to humanity as well?

This is the way my mind goes all the time lately, and part of me thinks I'm just over-thinking it all. It's hard not to feel pressure to have it all figured out; to have a full time job; to have a set career path. Sometimes I think I'm still really young and have a lot of time to find my way, but other times I feel like I'm too old to still be wandering around. It's a hard balance, and one that I know I'm not alone in.

So what do you do when you're feeling this way? How do you calm your mind so that you can just enjoy life for what it is in this moment? How do you find that balance?

Those are my thoughts of the day. See, I feel a little better already.


  1. You're amazing Jennie-I admire you very very much and completely understand what you're going through. Maybe you want to go back to SPU to career services?? Seems silly but they're a lot of help... If you ever want to talk it through call me, better yet we can chat when I get out there!!!!!!! :) Heart you!

  2. amen, sister! every last ounce resonates with me. i was just reminded today by a dear that stressing out over all of this doesn't get me anywhere. He has something coming down the pipeline...so, I'm just trying to hold up my end of the deal by doing what I can. It's hard to find peace in that; but I think that peace is what pulls us through in these times...and I try to remind myself that each life journey is unique...I'm excited to see where yours leads :) and I hope ours intersect soon! I second Sondra--Heart you :)

  3. Thanks to both of you!! I'm so thankful that I have you in my life...love you both!!

  4. Finding your path is stressful. But here's the truth: there's more than one path that's right for you! I've reinvented myself a few different times already and I have loved each one. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and take that leap of faith. Taking risks is half the battle.