{Hong Kong : Favorite Moments}

I do realize that I have yet to update you with promised pictures and stories from my trip to Hong Kong. I arrived back in Seattle last Thursday and have since been trying to soak up every last moment here before moving back to MN at the beginning of next week. I want to see every single one of my friends before I leave, and have been filling of every crevice of time to make that possible, which has made blogging an afterthought. Sorry about that. Anyways, I thought I would atleast start off with one of my favorite moments of the trip: going to Sham Shui Po district which is full of shops and markets selling ribbon, fabric, buttons, and notions. If you know anything about me, you know that this is like a dream for me, and yes, it was amazing. Shop after shop was filled to the brim with gorgeous colors, textures, and materials all waiting to be explored. I came home with some amazing finds, which I will share with you once I get photos. The best find - rolls of ribbon, velvet and twill, for only a little more than $1 US!! Here's a peek at this amazing part of town ...