{New column: Guise!}

Hey all! I am so excited to be a part of This Life Inspired. I will be contributing with Guise.

The word guise literally means the act of dressing. It can also refer to one's appearance, and the Guise column will be about illustrated appearance.

My hope is that this bi-monthly column will be fun and inspiring. Many of the illustrations will be original designs and/or inspired by current silhouettes with which I am obsessed. I will also illustrate some of my favorite looks off of the runway. Links will occasionally be featured on where to buy the illustrated garments and accessories.

Guise #1:

better illustration

Brrr! It's still pretty chilly here in Washington State. The look is definitely still winter, and what I want to be wearing! A nude wide leg, high waist pant + a warm, fuzzy cashmere sweater are the perfect pairing to get through these last days (I hope!) of winter. A chunky knit scarf keeps her neck and ears warm. In the spirit of believing that spring really will be around the corner, this ensemble is infused with a little fresh color.

Are you still bundling for cold weather? What wardrobe staples are getting you through this winter?

Pencil + Paint,



  1. Cute! Love the high bun a big scarf the most.

  2. so good Jenna! I always envy your faces- gorgeous!

  3. Wow, wish I could draw like that... and be that stylish! Love it :)

  4. fun! i love it, jenna. you'd rock this outfit :)

  5. Jenna this is beautiful!!! I have an idea... If your interested... would you ever consider making blank greeting cards? I would send them as my staple stationary. Seriously. Think about it, eh?

  6. Love it! I wear Uggs, chunky knit mittens and a mid length wool coat. Pretty typical here where it's anywhere from -30 to 20 degrees from November-April :)Not to talk you out of moving here or anything...... the summers make it worth it!

  7. Thanks, everyone!
    @the redhead: I will def give it some thought. Thanks, Gina :D
    @Sondra: I am noting all for my possible move :) Brrrr!