I've already shared this with a few of you a while back, but it's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately, just because I've questioned my motives a few times in the past few weeks. A while back, I created a "life list"--a list of things I feel are important to live by. If you haven't or if you don't think about these types of things on a regular basis, I encourage you to create a list (in your head or on paper; long or short) because every once in a while in its own way, it makes life make sense, even if only to you.
Jyl's Life List:
1. Don’t live a life full of regrets
2. Look back every once in a while, but stay focused on the future
3. Say “Thank you”
4. Laugh, even if no one else thinks it’s funny
5. Keep up on current events
6. Only say “yes” and “no” when you mean it
7. Spend the money to visit friends and family
8. Always believe in something
9. Have a goal, and don’t rest until it’s complete
10. Say “I’m sorry”
11. Do the best you can, and be the person you know you can
12. Find the person you can’t live without, and don’t let them go
13. Say “I love you”
14. Sit in the sunshine when it’s out (literally and figuratively)
15. Hug your family members
16. Dance at weddings if someone asks you
17. Don’t wish for tomorrow, make it happen
18. Take time to be by yourself every once in a while
19. Stay in shape
20. Don’t judge people
21. Tip well if the service was good
22. Be nice—maybe that person was having a bad day
23. If you’re out and about and see something that reminds you of someone, buy it and surprise them with it
24. Never forget the ones you lost, but live a life they would be proud of
25. Find a quote and live by it
26. Never settle
27. Go out on a date if asked; it’s free dinner, and you never know when you’ll be surprised
28. Do something to challenge yourself physically at least once a year
29. Cook with your spouse
30. Find a picture that makes you laugh, and pull it out when you’re having a bad day
31. Give $1 to a homeless person at least once a year
32. Give your time to someone who needs it
33. Admit when you’re wrong
34. Get help when you need it
35. Don’t become too prideful
36. Remember that grace and forgiveness are worth more than money
37. Let go of relationships that are causing you harm
38. Build up your relationships that make you a better person
39. Be someone worth looking up to
40. Dress your age
41. Be responsible
42. Don’t be afraid of love
43. Ask questions
44. Be a life-long learner
45. Be willing to take a step back from a situation in order to find a solution
46. Force yourself to try new things
47. Let your last words to your spouse every night be “I Love You”
48. Surround yourself with people that keep you accountable
49. Never put off something that’s meant for right now
50. Live your life in a way that will make a good biography years down the road
51. Know the world’s history
52. Know your limitations
53. Ask directions once, but only once
54. Be courteous and gracious to those that serve you
55. Be grateful for everything you have
56. Never let yourself doubt your abilities
57. Be persistent
58. Find someone in history that made a difference and study them
59. Look for cloud animals your whole life
60. Dream
61. When it’s time to become an adult, embrace it
62. Never talk badly about the people that raised you
63. Know your past, and thank those who made you who you are
64. Take a personality test every 5 years to see how you’ve grown
65. Marry the first person that really gets who you are
66. Go out to eat on special occasions
67. Keep a loving relationship between you and your siblings
68. Quote movies
69. Remember important details
70. Buy a pair of sunglasses that make you strut
71. Take care of your personal hygiene
72. Accept compliments
73. Know when it’s time to say “good-bye”
74. Do everything you can to make everyone’s lives easier
75. Learn what your purpose in life is, then DO IT
76. Don’t let others or situations hold you back
77. Keep a childhood toy
78. Entertaining your guests is more important than how clean your house is
79. If it rains, get an umbrella
80. Travel
81. Do something every week that you’ve never done before
82. Don’t pretend you’re something you’re not
83. It’s okay to sit out a dance or two
84. Have children when you’re ready
85. Watch good television
86. Know your weaknesses
87. Never wish the worst on someone
88. Find the good in every situation
89. Be on time, or early
90. Be a good employee/coworker
91. Don’t let praise go to your head
92. Smile
93. Throw dinner parties
94. Watch old movies
95. Dance in the rain
96. Be thankful every morning you wake up
97. Plan ahead, but don’t let your plans get in the way of what’s going on right now
98. Start a blog
99. Keep in touch with old friends
100.Keep a journal

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