This last weekend I was privileged to spend an afternoon with a small group of Seattle's elderly population. The organization that I volunteer with was hosting their quarterly get together so we spent the afternoon feasting on homemade mac and cheese and bean salad. (potlucks are always a toss up with what you're going to get) The organization brought in a Spanish dance troop consisting of two women in their 30's, 4 girls age 12 and two girls age 6. As they stomped around the stage to mariachi music I watched the joy in the faces of the crowd around me. Honestly it wasn't groundbreaking dancing or even anything that was super amazing to watch, but no one cared. It was the first time in a long time that I sat back and just enjoyed the moment I was in. Every weekend I spend time with my "friend" (a 74 year old blind woman). We talk about everything from the Japanese invasion of her hometown in the Philippines to the dance class she's taking to the braille National Geographic she's been reading. I have dedicated time every weekend to spend with her and there's nowhere else I have to be, no one else I have to see, and we bring joy to each other. The hours I spend with my "friend" are the only true moments where I feel like I'm in a place 100%. I urge you to take time to yourself or find something that you truly enjoy doing so that you have moments where you're just there. There there. Not there and between Starbucks and the commute to work. There and your trip to your parents' house. I have to say, when you can just have a moment that's the only thing going on, the stress of everything else just disappears, and when your moment is over and you start to think of all the things that need to be done still, it doesn't seem as bad, because you know that in the midst of chaos, the little moments you have offer some relief, and that's definitely worth it.

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