{vintage cards}

This past weekend, my friend Molly and I took a little drive to the amazing little town of Stillwater (remember me talking about it in March). Anyways, I love that town because it's full of antique shops just filled to the brim with goodies. Of course, I got very distracted when we found a little vintage card section in the back of one of the shops. I just love how a simple little greeting card can so easily pull you back in time and make you think about the people that purchased them initially, and why they never got around to writing on them? Here I am perusing away (I had no idea she even took this picture because I was just so excited) ... 

And you want to see what I brought home with me? You know I wouldn't leave you hanging! Here's a peek:

Don't you just love them? I'm headed back again this Sunday since Jyl will be in town, and am hoping to pick up a few more of these little gems!

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