{what i thought life would be}

I've been going through & getting rid of a lot of things at my mom's house, and through the process I have been surprised/entertained by what I've found. One of which was a poster that I made in 9th grade mapping out what the future of my life would look like. Here's what I envisioned:

Spring 2002 - I start to check out colleges and also am beginning to receive letters from some of them.
Spring 2003 - I go to senior prom with a respectful and nice guy.
Spring 2003 - I graduate from High School with scholarship offers from good colleges.
Summer 2003 - I go on a cruise for my senior trip with all of my friends. We have lots of fun!
Fall 2003 - Begin college at Gustavus (where my mom went). I am majoring in Special Education.
June 2007 - Graduate from college with a degree in art. I may consider going to graduate school sometime.
July 2007 - Get my first real job as an interior designer at an interior design studio in Chicago.
August 2007 - Meet a guy at work and he asks me out to dinner.
June 2009 - I get married to the guy I met before. We go on a honeymoon to Alaska.
July 2009 - Look for a townhouse in a suburb of Chicago.
August 2009 - Buy a townhouse in the suburbs.
September 2010 - We both get transferred to the Minneapolis office. Begin to look for a house.
October 2010 - We buy a single family house in the suburbs and shortly after find out we're having twins (one boy & one girl). 

Isn't it hilarious to look back on what you're dreams were at different times in your life, and even more so,  to see how much they change over the years? I can't even begin to imagine how different my life would be right now if I was married with twins (one boy & one girl to be exact). Although it's been a bumpy road at times, the reality of the last 10 years is so much better than anything I could have imagined for myself, and I know it's just the beginning. Maybe I should plan out the next 10 years so that I can do this again and re-entertain myself. What do you think? What plans did you have for your life that turned out completely different than expected?

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