a year ago today i lost one of the most amazing women in my life - my grandma carol. a huge part of my life, and an inspiration to everyone that knew her, there’s a lot that i miss about her. here’s a sampling…
:: her laugh and how it filled the room.
:: going to baker’s square for lunch and splitting a piece of pie for dessert.
:: her constant reminder that it is possible to live simply, and be just as happy, if not more. 
:: her unending love for the minnesota twins, and how excited she got when they did well.
:: having headstand contests in the living room.
:: her teaching me how to do anything craft-related, and spending hours in her attic making whatever we felt like that day.
:: going christmas shopping at mall of america, and acting surprised on christmas eve when i would open the presents that she bought me while i was with her.
:: going on walks down to minnehaha falls.
:: doing crossword puzzles together.
:: calling her anytime i needed to talk about anything. she was always there to listen.
:: walking into her front door and seeing her face light up, as she would come over and give me the best hug. 
here’s to you grandma. i love you.

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