last friday mykell and i went to the jonsi concert. for those of you that don't know (since i didn't know until a couple days before the concert), jonsi is from the band sigur ros, and this is his first tour on his own, promoting his new album 'go'. i'm really bad at describing music, so i won't even try, i'll just say that it's really good, and a type of music that i think most people would like. the show was amazing. especially the visuals. 59 productions, a stage production company, teamed up with jonsi to create a performance that was a mix of film, art installation, theatre performance, animation, and live concert. it was one of the most amazing things i've seen in a long time, and i wish i could have captured it all to show you. i do, however, have a little video of the making of the concert, which gives you a taste of what it was like...


  1. I LOVE Sigur Ros! I'll have to check this out!! :)

  2. Sondra! He's playing in Minneapolis at the Pantages Theatre on April 24th and 25th! You HAVE to go!