just got back from portland yesterday. mykell and i went down for the night to visit brad and danny. it was a really great trip. danny was a fabulous tour-guide and packed both our days full of amazing portland sights, most of which we had never done before...


met up at danny's apartment

voodoo doughnuts

ate doughnuts at the entrance to the chinese gardens

walked along the waterfront, and through downtown, and the pearl

pioneer courthouse square

dinner at andina, a peruvian restaurant in the pearl. one of the most delicious meals i've had in my entire life. no joke.

taboo by candlelight at rocky butte state park

ace hotel. mykell and i loved it, and talked about how much we loved it the entire time we were there. so urban and welcoming, with unexpected little touches everywhere you looked.


stumptown coffee

wrote notes/poems to leave in the dresser in the lobby of the ace

took the world's worst photobooth picture that was supposed to have the four of us, but only ended up being danny, myself, and a small portion of mykell's face

stella's coffee

breakfast at cup and saucer. danny and mykell ordered challah french toast, and everytime they said the name, our waitress yelled 'holla!'. played associate this.

bought she + him cd's at jackpot records

waffle window for dark chocolate-covered belgian waffles

mt tabor. playground fun. t-pain rapping on danny's iphone.

rose gardens

house hunting through the west hills

pittock mansion

council crest park

happy hour at portland city grill on the 30th floor

it was one of the best weekends that i have had in awhile. laughing, relaxing, talking. it's one of those weekends that made me realize how lucky i am to have the friends i do, and how blessed i am to be able to go all the places i do, and have so many amazing experiences.

until next time portland...until then, stay weird.



    Portland is a beautiful city! I have an aunt who lives in NE PDX... saw a few of these sights last month but, as always, you have provided more inspiration and ideas for another visit. So... thank you!!!

    But... Portland > Seattle? Hmm... not so sure about that... haha. Great post.

    And now for something completely different -- http://squishable.com/

  2. thanks d-funk! and thanks for your random link...that is hilarious. those things are so weird...and what the heck are the scarves about? it looks like the animal is strangling her neck. yikes.