he's back! (and so am i)

whew! so i know it's been awhile since you've heard from me. i was gone in Vermont for a week and then Jyl came to visit. but i'm back and will be posting away the next few days so get excited.

first up, i have some amazing news! remember santino from project runway season 2? well he's back, along with austin scarlett on lifetime's new show "on the road with austin & santino". here's what it's about:

"Project Runway" breakout stars Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice have made names for themselves on and off the catwalk with their unique styles and eyes for fashion, working with some of the biggest stars in the business. In "On the Road With Austin & Santino," the talented designers team up for the first time ever to travel to, and immerse themselves in the culture of, small towns across America to create new, dream-come-true looks for special women in unique situations as they celebrate such life milestones as anniversaries, birthdays, balls, graduations and bachelorette parties. But with differences in opinion, demanding clients ranging from a rodeo trick-rider to a military officer to a female truck driver, and no access to the latest fashions, will Austin and Santino’s designs make the cut — or will their matchup be a pattern for disaster?

as a die-hard santino fan, i had to share my excitement. i knew he would be back eventually...


  1. yay! thank you for breaking the news, i hadn't heard - that show is going to be awesome! has it already started? ps - love the new look :)

  2. no it hasn't started yet...i think it starts the 29th of this month. i can't wait!!