{just be}

Our society leads us to believe that we aren't normal unless we are busy, stressed, consuming products, rich, and beautiful. That is so counter-intuitive because that is not happiness. Happiness is contentment, love, relaxation, fulfillment, laughter, kindness. It's so much deeper than we know, or allow ourselves to believe. We all have the power in our lives to change that if we make that decision. We can go against the norm and prove that happiness and simplicity are both possible in our everyday lives. Act on the principles that are important in your life. Stop making yourself tired all the time by going, going, going. Breathe. Relax. Rest. Look around. Help someone. Life isn't a competition, and the only way to find contentment is to be yourself. Your 100% authentic self. Make that person shine from the inside, and that will be reflected on the outside.

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