{Christmas Photoshoot : Part 2}

We hope you all enjoyed seeing the pictures in Part 1! We sure enjoyed finally sharing them with you! Here is the second batch of photos ...

table and cookies
{1} Jennie's holiday tradition sugar cookies decorated with frosting and sprinkles
{2} Busy decorating.

{1} Martha and the antlers
{2} What's in the hot chocolate? Bows were $2 from Value Village
{3} Surprised at the number of gifts
{4} More wishes for you

{1} Cupcakes adorned with sparkle sticks from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Cupcake stand was made from a bowl + a plate + a white stand
{2} Look what we can make! Silver wreath was $2.50 from Target. Button glasses were made using found buttons on a $2 pair of glasses from Value Village

{1} I love marshmallows!
{2] Having fun

girls with their girls
{1} Jennie with her model Camille
{2} Designers get cupcakes too, right?
{3} Gina with her model Martha

Big thanks to our photographer Char Beck - we couldn't have done this without you!!

Happy Holidays from us to you!!

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