{Out of It}

What is it about the holidays that leave us feeling like we are drained of all our energy? I just got back from MN last night, and I'm completely exhausted and feel like the girl in this picture, with my head in a barrel out of tune with everything that's going on around me. Unfortunately I can't just lie in a field until I find my energy - work, a trip, a move, and a few events to plan have my mind spinning and my feet moving, and I'm just hoping I can wrap everything up in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you all had a relaxing, fun-filled holiday weekend, and are somehow finding time to relax after the craziness of it all!

{image from vogue}

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  1. Hang in there!! Sad I didn't get to see you!! SOON!!!
    Happy NEW YEAR!! It will be a new year for you with all the changes in your life!! It's all GOOD!!!
    Have a GREAT trip, enjoy time with those little ones!!! Love and hugs from MN!!!