If you haven't seen the move Knight & Day, you can keep reading, because this won't ruin anything for you. If you have seen the movie, you might remember a line where Cameron Diaz's character says to Tom Cruise's character: "I'll do that. (sigh) Someday." And Tom Cruise's character says, "That's a dangerous word, someday. It's really code for never." I'm a sucker for movie lines, and this isn't my favorite, but I liked it. It reminded me of all the things I've said I wanted to do, the restaurants I've wanted to try, and the places I want to someday go. Ever since I was little, I've done something every week that I've never done before. It's something that I started, because I hate good-byes. Whenever my family would leave somewhere, I would sit for a few minutes and try to take everything in, because I was afraid that I would never be back again. My fear of never returning made me want to do everything possible in each place we went, because I didn't want to miss out on anything. When I was in elementary school, I watched Breakfast at Tiffanys, and there's the sequence to a Henry Mancini song where Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard's characters spend a whole day doing things that they've never done before. Ever since then I've always looked for something to do every week that I've never done before. Every week isn't a huge thing, actually, most weeks don't contain anything groundbreaking, but every week I'm able to try something out, and if anything, it's a good excuse to do something. Give it a try--do anything big or small, because, in a way, someday is code for never.

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