Be healthy. Healthy is something that a lot of people want to feel whether it's a meal choice or exercise choice. But what about the other aspects of your life? Are your relationships healthy? Do you enjoy your job? Are all aspects of your life allowing you to be healthy? We all know what stress does to our lives physically and mentally. I believe that you shouldn't have any aspect of your life that is harmful to you. I realize that not everyone can just quit their job if it's bringing them down, but they can take steps to make it better. I realize that not everyone is cut out to purge relationships or step back when things feel like they need to be dealt with, but I think that you have been provided with people that are versed in the things you are not. The reason we have friendships (healthy friendships) is so that we don't have to anything by ourselves. I encourage you to take a look at what occupies our life--go piece by piece, figure out if it's something that is increasing your life or increasing your stress, then figure out how to fix it if it's not going well. If you need to purge things, it's not going to be as easy as it would be if you were just donating some old clothes to Good Will, but if it's necessary, do it. I'm not telling you in any way that you need to quit being friends with someone or break up with someone or quit your job, but what I'm saying is that you need to examine your life, and ask yourself if it's a healthy life or if you need to make changes. After all, life is about making choices, and I hope you're making the right choices to benefit your happiness.

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