This morning I woke up to a welcome sight: the sun. I'm often reminded that although we sometimes feel like we're being pelted with rain/snow/sleet and stuck in the dark, the sun will eventually come out and bring a new life to our tired bodies. It seems that whenever we're going through something we forget that there's always an end to it. Sometimes living in Seattle I wonder if I'll remember what the sun looks like or I feel like the rain is constantly coming down and all I want is for it to stop, but eventually it does and there's nothing more beautiful than a sunny morning in Seattle. Trust me, I know that when life sucks, it sucks. But, think about all the things that bring sun into your life and start to give thanks for those. I think we often forget to focus on the good things in life until something makes us remember them, but try this week to fill your thoughts with the good and remember all the things that bring sun for you. Laugh a little and smile, because after all, what's better than being alive and having the ability to make everyday awesome?

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