{basement remix}

When I moved back home at the beginning of February, I immediately saw the unfinished basement as a potential space for my studio, and a home to all of my craft + sewing supplies. Since it was unfinished, that meant that I didn't have to worry about spilling glue, glitter, paint, or other things all over the floor (dream come true!). So, let me just say that I have finally gotten the space to a point that I am happy with.  Take a peek at the transformation from start to finish ... 

Before: My boxes were everywhere!


And now for the after photos .... ready for this??

Keep scrolling .... 


After! The furniture that I used was all found in the basement - nice, huh?


After: I covered a card table with a $3 piece of fabric from the thrift store. 

After: The work table lined with pots of craft supplies.
After: A trunk from a thrift store opens to reveal baskets of yarn, ribbon, lace, and bias tape. 

After: An office organizer holds inspiration binders, as well as jars of random things (yes, that is a jar of googly eyes).

Whew! So happy to be able to share this with you finally. There's a lot more that I could do, but since I will be moving out eventually I thought this was a good stopping point for now. Now I can craft away!


  1. I can't wait to use it on Sunday!

  2. Jennie, seeing you today reminded me that I needed to take a look at your blog again. I love your studio! What a great space to create it. :)

  3. Thanks McKenzie! By the way, you did a FABULOUS job at the wedding - i loved it!