whew! i just got back yesterday from Seattle, which was a whirlwind of a trip. jyl, one of my best friends, got married last friday and let me just say that the wedding was AMAZING! i'll probably be posting some pictures soon, but i wanted to share with you the wedding gift that i made for them since i promised i would be sharing all of my creations with you.

so what did i make? stationary! i guess it could also be a notepad, letterhead, or a list depending on what you wanted to do with it. it was pretty time-consuming, but simple to do. i just embossed their initials, centered with a big red heart, and then tied them up together with a ribbon. if you've never embossed, i highly recommend it. it's so easy and it looks far better than an ordinary stamp. the only downside is that you need an embossing gun and the special ink pad, but once you have that, you're good to go!

take a look at the process...

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