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Ever since I saw this picture, I have been inspired to create something similar in my own home. While out thrifting with my friend Sondra, I found the large frame (shown in the first photo) for a mere $7! One look and I knew it was the perfect start to my project. Add a trip to the hardware store for a couple pieces of wood (one for inside the frame, and one for below), and some paint, and a trip to Target for some hooks and I was all set. Here's the steps:
  1. Spray paint the frame ( I used a high gloss white)
  2. Cut the board for below the frame down to size so it's the same width as the frame. Spray paint.
  3. Measure the inside of the frame, and cut the board that will be used as the chalkboard down to size. 
  4. Paint the board with the chalkboard paint. I probably did about 4 thick coats with a roller using Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint. 
  5. Mount the chalkboard inside the frame.
  6. Attach hooks to board, evenly spaced. 
  7. Mount to the wall!
I was really pleased with the final product, and am so excited to see what else I can use my chalkboard paint for ... I will keep you posted when I decide!

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