>> do not worry

I thought this quote was fitting for these past few days. As some of you know, my boyfriend Matt's mom has been in the hospital this past week in critical care. Currently her heart, liver, and kidneys are struggling to work as they should, which has made her very tired and weak. As of now, no one can really say what the next few days will look like, and what will be the outcome. It's always hard in situations like these, because there are so many what ifs, how comes, and why nows. Why do there have to be these situations? Why do such amazing people have to face such difficult circumstances? There's never really an answer to questions like these, and really the only thing to do is pray. God has a master plan, and reasons for situations that are far beyond anything we could ever comprehend. So we wait. Pray. Love. Hope. Smile. Because at the end of the day, today is just another gift, and worry can only take us away from cherishing every moment that we have. 

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